Setting up Bluetooth on CIP 270 Phone

Setting up Bluetooth on CIP 270 Phone

Setting up Bluetooth

Enabling Bluetooth

  1. Menu
  2. Settings –> Enter
  3. Basic Settings –> Enter
  4. Bluetooth –> Enter
  5. Toggle On –> Enter
  6. Save to enable Bluetooth
    You should see a message that Bluetooth was started successfully, if not exit and start over.

Pairing a Bluetooth Device

  1. Enable paring on your Bluetooth headset
    This will depend on your device, please consult it’s manual.
  2. Go to the Bluetooth config section as in Steps 1-4 Above.
  3. Scroll down to Paired Device –> Scan

    You should see a scanning message.

  4. Once it’s done you should see your device in the list, Select your device and hit Connect.
  5. Once connected Exit out to the main home screen.

Enable Answering Via Bluetooth Headset.

  1. To answer calls via the Headset, press the headset button on the phone’s panel to toggle headset mode.
    You should see status icons as pictured below.

Disconnect Bluetooth Device

  1. Go to the Bluetooth config section as in Steps 1-4 Above.
  2. Navigate to Paired Bluetooth Device, press Enter.
  3. Select the device you want to disconnect from the list, and press Disconnect.
  4. If you don’t plan to ever connect a device again in the future and can use the Delete or Delete All options to purge the device from the Phone.
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